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  • Wedding Silhouette DecorWedding Custom Cards

    Silhouettes for a Wedding


    Candice provides both entertainment in the form of art created on the spot as well as very elegant and personal party favor for the guests.  

    For a special treat, Candice can provide custom background cards personalized for your event. For instance, get the name the bride and groom and the date inscribed on the background card on which the silhouette is mounted.  

    As a gift to the happy couple, Candice can make a keepsake book of a copy of every silhouette made at the party. 

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  • Silhouettes for a Corporate Event

    Add excitement and prestige to your corporate event.  Candice will cut silhouettes to treat your clientele, entertain at an open house, or bring in new customers!  Events that include Silhouettes by Candice bring a unique and personal way to draw in your customers and create a memory that will be appreciated for years to come.  Custom background cards including logos, business information, names, and dates can be created to add even more of your brand recognition to this special service.

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    Pick a PaperGuestbook

    Silhouettes for a Birthday Party

    From First Birthdays to Backyard Celebrations to Sophisticated Ladies' Night Outs and Hipster Hangouts, Candice provides entertainment in the form of art created on the spot and a memorable party favor for the guests.  Guests love to watch as Candice cuts a likeness out of paper without drawing or tracing first, as if it were a magic trick which ends with a gift.

    Choose between traditional background cards, customized cardsfor your event, or a pick your own paper option which allows your guests to pick from a variety of colorful card stocks as the backdrop for their creative silhouettes.

    As a special touch, the memory can be saved for the birthday guest of honor in a silhouette guestbook, containing a duplicate of each silhouette, signed by the guests.

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  • Fund Raisers Custom CardsFundraisingGala

    Charity Fundraisers

    Silhouettes by Candice can help your organization in a number of ways.

    Silhouettes by Candice can come to your fundraiser bringing elegance and a personal touch to your event.  This option features a unique gift for your donors, a custom hand-cut silhouette providing entertainment at your event and a souvenier for your guests. This is our most popular fundraising option.

    Add on custom background cards to spread awareness for your cause, brand the gift, and create a point of contact with the philanthropists and benefactors you are trying to reach.



    Alternatively, We can sell silhouettes at your event and give your organization a percentage of the profits. Schools, Dance Troupes, Little Leagues, and small businesses have chosen this model.   This option is great if you don't want to put down much money up front.


    Lastly, we can do a Silhouette Picture Day at your school or organization.
    With this option, all participants will get their silhouette done and then be able to purchase, just like school pictures. This type of fundraiser brings in the biggest proceeds.

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  • Custom Background Cards

    Candice can personallize the background cards for your event! Pick from a number of premade designs or have a special card made to fit your needs.  Prices vary based on printing costs and design time, but are generally around $1 per card.

    See our background card sample page at this link for inspiration.